Document Index

There is a heck of a lot going on and I have even more information.  I'd  say about 500 pages of documentation.  So to make it a little easier to find the document you are looking for I figured I better put in a document index.


Bruce Runs MJM  Mark Bruce runs MJM and does the taxes.  This is interesting because in a deposition to the IRS he said that he didn't do the taxes.

BruceRunsVicode   Mark Bruce is the Vicode CEO and runs the company

BruceRunsVicom   Mark Bruce is the Vicom CEO and runs the company

BruceRunsHypervelocity  List of Hypervelocity officers

MJM Is Vicode   MJM-PC Solutions and Vicode are the same company

MJM is Hypervelocity  From the Hypervelocity Offering (warning, very large file)

MJM sold to Beekman  by Mark Bruce and Al Petrangelo  (any guess what this is about?  I have no idea.)

MJM is reborn  After Mark Sells MJM he has MJM reinstated with the State.

Vicode Disolved   Vicode is dissolved by Mark Bruce and Tim Waldusky.  They sign that the stockholders agree.  Yet the stockholders were never told or notified.

MJM Stock Ownership Listing   MJM-PC Solutions stock ownership (at one point).  Note:  My name disappears of the stock ownership later for no apparent reason.

Stock Out   Stock is transferred out to New Jersey, to a Person no one has met and without the boards or other stockholder's approval or knowledge.

Money Out   Money is transferred out to New Jersey, to a Person no one has met and without the boards or other stockholder's approval or knowledge.

HyperVelocity Offering  Showing money flowing to New Jersey (warning, very large file)

Omni Financial   Omni Financial provides Mark Bruce with some interesting information on how to shut down one company and open another while keeping Mark away from creditors.

Omni Financial keeps the IRS off Mark and on the people with no known assets.

Sudden Asset Decrease    The value of the company's assets are decreased to 30% of their value on the books, just before being sold to Mark's wife and before the company goes bankrupt.

Transfer Out Assets    Rosemary Bruce (Mark's wife) buys the company assets for a price that is substantially less than was on the books just a month earlier.  Then she leases them back to the new company.

Money out to Rosemary Bruce #1  Mark Bruce starts writing Promissory Notes to his wife

Money Out to Rosemary Bruce #2  Mark Bruce writes a second Promissory note to his wife 2 weeks later.

Mark and Rosemary Bruce act as the same entity.  Making money sent to Mark's wife, really money sent to both of them.  This scan shows that all stock was held in a combined name.

Mark Bruce's Deposition to the IRS where he denies the above.



These and many many more documents are available for scanning.  Copies reside with a lawyer and the originals are locked in a vault with explicit instructions with what to do if I die or am injured.

A little melodramatic? Perhaps. But, in the last words, in the last conversation I had ended with them saying to me; "I hope your parents are well".  A conversation which is on file with the police, in the town where my parents live.


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