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There is so much to tell about Vicom and the people that ran the place I'm not sure where to begin.  I have reams of information, papers, records, emails, contracts, affidavits, criminal findings, etc.  I quite literally, have a 3 inch binder full of papers.

Why you would want to read all this stuff? I don't know.  For me, I just want to get it off my chest.  Consider this my therapeutic Blog.

I'll post and scan the information in on a regular basis.  Just email me if you want something posted or want me to head in a different direction. 


Please Note:  This site is full of links to scanned documents.  The documents are scanned at high resolution and may be rather large.  It is not recommended that you go to the document links unless you are on a fast connection.



Also, thanks to everyone who sent me all the cool info. Didn't know there were so many of you out there.


Note: All information posted is believed to be true to the best of my knowledge.  I am not adequately familiar with laws or finance to be considered giving an 'expert' opinion.  All opinions posted here are just that.  Reasonable care and due diligence has been done to certify the information posted on this website.  This information may or may not have been verified and/or submitted in a court of law.  Information used on this web site may or may not be admissible in court. Requests for documents will be responded to within 10 days.  Any material regarded as libelous or false will be removed immediately upon notification.